This place couldn’t have been more aptly named…

20160405084314_1Bleak Falls Barrow…even the name sounds creepy.  Though, we’ve been though that before with the soul cairn.  This old Nordic burial crypt has been around since before the first era.  There’s no telling what’s in here.  Except for bandits.  These idiots decided to attack us before we even made it to the entrance to the b20160405084916_1attow.  Real slick, idiots.

Just so we don’t wake up the dead in here, we made the decision to try to sneak through.  I decided that the bow would be easier to work with than the sword in such a case, and I was right.  As we snuck around the halls of this old tomb, Serana didn’t have to lift a finger to cast a spell, as the bandits all wound up with arrows in their heads before they even heard us coming.  Simplicity itself.


There are days, numerous days, that I’m glad I’m not a thief.  This is one of them.  This dunmer dumbass got himself caught by this giant spider.  We killed the spider, then cut the thief down (in more ways than one).  Checking his pockets, revealed a golden dragon claw, and a journal.  Apparently this claw opens a door in the barrow’s hall of stories.  He stole this claw from the Riverwood trader.  We’ll get around to returning it eventually.  Lucan’s not a bad guy, but his sister, though.  Even when I lived in Riverwood, she was stringing along the bard and the bosmer like puppies on a leash.  Seriously guys, she’s not worth it.  Move on.


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this is the door that the claw opens.  We can’t be far from the main chamber, now.  That dragonstone better be in there.  I’ve killed more than my share of draugr, as has Serana.  They’ve gone from the boogeymen in legend, to an absolute nuisance.

20160405092449_1In the main chamber, we found this strange wall.  For some odd reason, I could read one of the sets of runes engraved on it.  It read “Fus”, or “Force”.  What does that mean?  No time to think about it.  Here comes another draugr.  He won’t be hard to kill, not with Dawnbreaker in hand.  Luckily, he carried the Dragonstone, so searching the corpse after killing him….again….got us to what we needed.  That’s done, and we’re headed back to Whiterun.


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