Now that THAT’S taken care of…

20160403203357_1It’s finally finished.  Harkson’s dead.  While the Dawnguard kept his minions busy, Serana and I faced her father in combat, and I struck him down with Dawnbreaker, after burning him with Auriel’s bow.  Serana’s now free to forge whatever life she wants for herself.  I’m lucky she said she wants to forge that life with someone who knows how to work a forge.  I think that’s her way of saying “with me”.  She’s got a sense of humor, if you take your time to get to know her.  She also said she knew of a way to cure her vampirism.  I told her if she wanted to, I’d support her, and she left to go do so.  I waited for her at home for a few days, and when she finally arrived, I couldn’t have been happier.20160403210415_1

We said our “I do’s” at the Temple of Mara in Riften.  Before Serana cured herself, we went into the Soul Cairn one more time and told Valerica that Harkon was dead.  Guess who was conspicuous in her absence for her own daughter’s wedding.  (One more reason to flay that bitch alive…or undead…dammit which one applies to Valerica.)  No matter, we’re set on a new life together, and life is good.

What’s next for us?  Dunno yet.  But it’s sure to be a hell of a ride.  Can’t wait to find out.


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