Here we go again….

20160405101311_1While we were talking to the College dropout, Irileth interrupted us and said that a dragon has been spotted near the hold’s western watchtower.  CRAP, That’s not far from Serana’s and my home.  OK, this has gotten personal.  But still, we’re dealing with a dragon, so any help we can get will be greatly appreciated.  Irileth said she’s got some men meeting near the main gate.  I think….we could use some extra hands.  Hands profic20160405101830_1ient with magic.

On our way out of Dragonsreach, Serana enlisted the help of a Breton mage named Elysana.  From there, we met with Irileth and the guardsmen at the gate, where she at least tried to give these men a pep talk.  Honestly, I can see the fear in their eyes.  This isn’t like a group of bandits, or a drunken brawl in the Bannered Mare.  This is a dragon.  Men are going to die.  Of that, I have no doubt.  We’ve seen the scaly bastards in action.  This won’t be as easy as the Housecarl thinks it will.  20160405102420_1

We muster by the watchtower.  Sweet Mara.  This is almost as bad as Helgen.  I hope we can find  some survivors.  If not, I’ll be sending a prayer up to the divines for their families, after we deal with the task at hand.  I wonder if that dragon’s still somewhere nearby.  We’ll find out soon enough.  Time to move out

That was one of the hairiest fights I’ve ever been in.  And that’s saying something.  Hold on, what in the name of Akatosh is happening to me?  Damn.  Did I just absorb some kind of power from that dragon?  I feel stronger than ever.  Wait, what did that guard call me?  Dragonborn?  The hell is a “Dragonborn”?  I look to Serana and she just shrugged.  More questions than answers.  So, we head back and talk to the Jarl, but hear this booming voice call out “DOV AH KIIN!”, while we’re on our way.  What the hell was that?


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