What have I gotten into?

20160403094501_1This guy’s seriously bad news, and he’s Serana’s father.  When we first got here, all he could think about was that Elder Scroll on her back.  Does he even give a damn about her?  I wonder.

How did I get into this?  Well, it goes back a few days, when a guy from the Dawnguard found my place outside of Falkreath, and asked me to sharpen his sword for him.  An easy job for a few Septims, and in the process, he told me about the little vampire hunting operation they’ve got going on.  Truth be told, working the forge had gotten a bit dull, so I said to myself, “Why not join?  Not like they couldn’t use someone of my particular talents.”  So, I went to their fort Southeast of Riften, and met this guy named Isran.  Real piece of work he is.  He was talking to this guy from the Vigilants of Stendarr, and that’s when they asked me to investigate Di20160403090820_1mhollow Crypt, Southwest of Dawnstar

Once I got there, I sniped my way through, using the archery skills I had gained through years of hunting, just to survive.  That’s where I met Serana.  She was sealed away in some underground coffin.  She’s a vampire, too, but something about her says she’s not bad people.  She wanted me to escort her home, so I did…and got myself into this mess with her father.  Apparently, he wants to turn me into a vampire, too.  Becoming a vampire, oddly enough, is not on my bucket list.

Ok, the sonofabitch referred to me as “Prey”, and  banished me from the castle.  Good.  Bastard gave me the creeps, but I do hope I run into Serana again, sometime in the future.


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