What are they going to throw at us next?

20160403122504_1Here we are, listening to this Moth Priest reading the Elder Scroll that Serana brought with her.  What’s she doing here, you ask?  Well, it’s a long story, but what the hell?

Turns out, Isran sent me off to find a couple of people and recruit them for the Dawnguard.  After I did that, Serana found me at the Dawnguard’s fort.  She told me of this strange prophecy that her father had become obsessed with.  It said something about vampires not having to fear the sun.  Creepy and cryptic, like most prophecies, and light on details.  Serana and I had to find the Moth Priest to find out more, from the Elder Scroll.

We tracked the priest to a cave south of Dragon Bridge, where the vampires were holding him captive.  After securing his release (ie: killing the vampires), we returned to Fort Dawnguard, and listened to the old man reading the scroll.

Ok, so let me get this straight.  We now need 2 MORE Elder Scrolls to decipher the prophecy.  I figured this wouldn’t be easy, but oh well.  First off, we’re going after one that Serana thinks her mother may be holding on to, which means we have to find her.  Arkay only knows where she could be hiding, but 20160403134935_1a good place to start would be Castle Volkihar.

On our trip to find out where Valerica had gone,  I got to know more about Serana.  Turns out, she and her parents gave themselves to a daedric lord named Molag Bal.  Yeah, this guy sounds like a real piece of work too.  She described the ritual as “degrading”.  Frankly, that’s all I really need to know.  But she mentioned that later on, her father found that prophecy and her mother seemed hellbent on seeing him fail, and she was caught in the middle.  Her own mother sealed her away in that blasted crypt, Akatosh knows how long ago.  (Being the god of time, he probably does…but honestly, it’s none of my business.  My mother always told me that a gentleman doesn’t ask a lady her age.)  Once we found her “laboratory”, we discovered Valerica’s journal.  She found a way into the Soul Cairn.  Even the name sounds creepy.  Serana was able to open a portal, and partially soul trap me, so I won’t die trying to get in, and we’re off to find Serana20160403140339_1‘s mother.

What is the deal with this family?  I’ve been protecting Serana since we’ve been travelling together, as well as being the only real friend she’s had in ages, and Valerica acts like I’m going to betray her?  Not going to happen.  I’d just as soon give up both arms.  But, we got the scroll from her.  Somehow, I can see a return trip to this reject from a children’s horror story sometime in the near future20160403141939_1

If that wasn’t enough, there was a damned dragon in here.  A DRAGON.  We had to fight this scaly sonofabitch to get to the Elder Scroll.  But this time, he just wanted to talk.  This trip takes one strange turn after another, but it gives me more time to learn more about Serana.  Turns out, before she was sealed in the crypt, she and her mother were quite close, like best friends, even  (Ok, what?  Seriously, what kind of parent gives their own daughter over to a daedra lord like Molag Bal for a ritual that she can only describe as “degrading”?  The more I think about it, the more I want to flay both Harkon AND Valerica alive…or undead..or whatever description is applicable.)  Luckily, our next stop is the College of Winterhold, to find out what we can about the next Elder Scroll.



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