There’s definitely something between us

20160403143711_1I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and the more I talk about it with Serana on this trip, it seems there is surely something happening between us.  We both feel it.  Vampire or not, I could care less.  I feel like I can take on anything when I’m with her, and she’s told me that she feels like she can trust me more than she does her own family.  (Though, as a family, Harkon and Valerica leave a lot to be desired, truth be told).  On our trip to Winterhold, we decided to make a stop in Whiterun hold.  We found a beautiful place that would be great for us.  Strangely enough, all we had to do to claim the property is kill the bear the killed the original owners.  Easy enough, since we’ve been killing vampires since we started this trip.  What challenge is a bear?  Its got it’s own forge, and plenty of room for us.  Even has mannequins where we can put new and interesting armor sets we find along the way, and display cases for rare and valuable weapons.  Yeah, we could really get cozy in a place like this.  After spending the night here, and getting some much needed rest, we set back out for Winterhold, this time, by carriage.  20160403155720_1

The college is interesting, but for a warrior like me, it offers little more than clues to our next scroll.  A rambling book by a man named Septimus Signus offered little information, but we found the man himself, locked away in some ice cave north of the city.  He said to look for the Tower Mzark, in the dwemer ruin of Alftand.  We traveled to Alftand and made our way through the ruins to Mzark, where we found the Scroll.  Now we can return to the Dawnguard and finally figure out how to find Auriel’s Bow, and stop this crazy prophecy.



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