Scott in Skyrim: Introduction

scott2An Introduction to the Author:

I’ve been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind.  Bethesda always knows how to tell a great story, even if their games are full of bugs.  When I started a playthrough of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, I decided to tell a story through the screenshots I take throughout the entire thing.  That’s what this blog is, the tale of this particular playthrough in Skyrim.  The character is an Imperial warrior, who is a representation of myself in the game, so it will mostly be told in the first person.  These stories have been a particular hit among my fellows on a Facebook modding group, so, upon suggestions that I put them up in a WordPress blog, that’s what I’m going to do.  Just so you know, my Skyrim runs about 150+ mods.

The result, will be an ongoing series of posts here, telling the story of “Scott” in Skyrim.

20160403094945_1.jpgAn Introduction to the Protagonist

This particular “Scott” is an Imperial, living in Skyrim.  He came to Skyrim to learn more about the Nord’s methods of smithing, and after a falling out with his brother, who felt he should have joined the Imperial Legion.  He stayed in Riverwood for a while, then went out on his own, living a rather solitary life.  Smithing and hunting kept his mind occupied and away from how lonely his life actually is.  However, that’s about to change, and for the better.  This is Scott’s story in Skyrim


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