Looks like it’s up to Serana and Me.

20160403171813_1Well, it just so happens that if you try to read an elder scroll without the proper precautions taken, you’ll go blind, as we learned from our Moth Priest friend, Dexion.  But, he did tell us of a place called “Ancestor Glade”, where I could possibly read the scrolls safely.  Well, we’ve got to do this.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Ancestor Glade is a beautiful place.  I doubt I’ve ever seen anything like it in all my time in Skyrim.  The scrolls showed me the exact location of Auriel’s Bow, Darkfall Cave, far to the North and West of Dragon Bridge.  The end of this ordeal is in sight, but I like to think of it as a new beginning, of life for both Serana, and myself.  I must confess, living alone in that shack outside Falkreath was a rather lonely life, and I’m liking where I am now.  Serana’s a strong woman, for going through all she has, and surviving, vampire or not.  She’s a great person, and someone that I want to be with.    When the time comes, Harkon better give his soul to Arkay, because his vampiric ass belongs to me.  (While I was travelling around looking for Gunmar and Sorrine, I found Meridia’s Beacon, and with it, gained access to her artifact, a sword called “Dawnbreaker”.  It’s critically strong against undead, which Harkon is, as a vampire.  He won’t be using S20160403174651_1erana for this prophecy of his.  I swear it.)

Hello, Snow Elf.  Turns out there are a few still alive.  Serana and I met Knight-Paladin Gelebor in Darkfall cave.  He advised us that to gain Auriel’s Bow, we had to help him kill his brother, Arch-Curate Vyrthur.  Anyone for fillet of falmer?  Because if we’ve got to kill this joker, he’s as good as dead.  He just doesn’t know it yet.20160403175932_1

Darkfall passage was full of the “betrayed” as Gelebor called them, twisted creatures that the Falmer have become.  I may feel sorry for their race for what happened at the hands of the Dwemer, but they won’t stop us from reaching the Chantry and Auriel’s Bow.  There’s too much at stake in this.  Beautiful sight, though, and made even more so by the person that travels with me.  I don’t mean just her looks.  Serana’s got this beauty of spirit that makes me want to defend her.20160403180654_1

Just when I thought the sights couldn’t get more spectacular, we enter the Forgotten Vale.   This place is absolutely gorgeous, and has probably been hidden from the world for ages.  Needless to say, we need to find our way to the chantry, but it’s just too tempting to stand here, holding Serana, and ta20160403200358_1king in the sight before us.

We finally reach the Chantry, only to find out that the Falmer didn’t do anything to Vyrthur.  He’s a vampire.  He was the one that created the prophecy that Harkon is obsessed with, and he wanted Serana’s blood to complete it himself.  Not on my watch.  Remember what I said about Fillet of Falmer?  It’s best served fresh.





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